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Role of Physicians to Hospice Patient Management


Hospice is care designed to help patients who are terminally ill and chooses a palliative care approach. The close relationship that primary care physicians mostly share with their patients puts them in a unique position to provide end-of-life care. This includes recognizing the need for and recommending the right hospice care services when appropriate. At AMERICUS HOSPICE, INC., the trusted provider of Hospice Care in Simi Valley, California, we have the right physicians to help your loved ones in hospice.

Once the decision is made to get hospice or Respite Care in California, our physician continues to be the patient’s primary attending physician. We remain in charge of your loved one’s care throughout this journey. We provide resources when it comes to medication dosages, symptom management, and educating patients and their families regarding the situation.

The role of the family physician is no different at the end of a patient’s life. The expectation is to provide excellent coordinated care. This also helps inform the patient of appropriate options and their families as well. For family members, we keep Grief Counseling as an option when it is needed.

If you want to know more about the services our agency offers or the scope of this type of care, please do not hesitate to reach out to our lines. We are here to listen to your concerns.

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