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Managing Depression While Aging

Managing Depression While Aging

Depression happens to people at whatever age but for seniors, it is quite challenging to deal with. Aging adults can readily feel a loss of interest in the activities they used to do and enjoy. Feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, and helplessness are not uncommon as well. Symptoms of depression do affect every aspect of one’s life as they impact your appetite, energy, workflow, sleep, relationships, and hobbies. But it’s always important to remember that depression can be properly managed.

Our hospice care in Simi Valley, California can help your aging loved ones deal with depression. Different services are available to them that can help with brain stimulation and healthy activity. Depression among seniors can be tricky because they usually tend to feel ‘okay’ and not sad at all. But it can easily be detected through their complains of low motivation, lack of energy, and physical problems. More importantly, when an aging adult constantly complains about his or her arthritis pain or worsening headaches, you must consult a professional as these are the usual physical symptoms of depression.

Hospice care can help you and your senior loved ones go through any disease or condition smoothly. We do not only give care to admitted patients but also to their families, relatives, and friends. This being said, our hospice also provides respite care in California for all family caregivers to take a break and relax.

If you are interested to know more about the help we can give, contact us at Americus Hospice, Inc. We offer a lot of necessary services for seniors, including grief counseling for their loved ones.

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