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Journaling Therapy at the End of Life

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A critical medical diagnosis can be emotionally devastating, whether it’s for the person experiencing the illness or the loved one who is caring for them. Administrators of grief counseling suggest writing as a form of therapy for people going through this situation.

Journaling is one way for a person to explore his feelings and express himself without having to censor his thoughts. If you or your loved one have never tried keeping a journal, the hardest part is just getting started. Most people begin journaling by talking about their daily activities. They may also write about the things that made them happy or the worries that they experienced throughout the day.

While experts of respite care in California suggest writing in the morning, the most important thing to capture when you’re using writing as a form of therapy is to figure out a regular time to sit quietly without interruption and stick to this established schedule. It can be in the morning, before you go to bed, or when everyone is out of the house running errands. Try to write every day.

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