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Helping You Choose Quality Hospice Care


Hospice care is administered to people who are diagnosed with a serious or life-limiting illness. If your loved one suffers from such, the options available to your family can seem overwhelming. Thus, it is important that you learn more about hospice as an important choice.

Our hospice care in Simi Valley, California can be the answer to your questions about attaining the best quality of life during your remaining days. Like all other hospices, we provide person- and family-centered, interdisciplinary care that focuses on emotional, medical, spiritual, and social support.

When choosing a hospice, you must experience firsthand that the facility is not just a place but a niche of compassionate care that provides dignity and respect to you and your family’s wishes. Another good type of hospice care is that which is provided in the patient’s home. It must also be able to provide grief counseling to the patient and his or her family. Some of the questions you can ask in order to choose a quality hospice are:

  • Is the hospice Medicare-certified?
  • Is it accredited by a national organization?
  • How are services provided after hours?
  • What services should I expect from the hospice?
  • When was the last state or federal survey of the program?

These questions can guide you in making your decision. Every patient and family must always decide based upon their unique needs. To know more, call AMERICUS HOSPICE, INC. today. We also provide respite care in California.

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