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Holistic Support for the End-of-Life Journey


End-of-life care isn’t just about managing physical symptoms or pain but about providing comprehensive support catering to both the body and the soul. Holistic support is crucial during this significant journey, and AMERICUS HOSPICE, INC. offers services that envelop this philosophy.

  • Nursing Care
    At the heart of our hospice care services is our top-notch nursing care. Our hospice team provides compassionate, high-quality medical attention, ensuring that our patients receive the best in hospice care.
  • Home Health Aides
    The role of home health aides in California can’t be understated. They offer a gentle and compassionate touch, helping patients with ADLs, ensuring comfort, and making the end-of-life journey as dignified as possible.
  • Respite Care
    Caring for a terminally ill loved one can be overwhelming and challenging for families. Our respite care in California gives families the break they need, knowing that their loved ones are in the best hands of our professional team.
  • piritual/Bereavement Counseling
    The end-of-life phase often brings about many existential questions and concerns. Our bereavement or spiritual counseling service provides emotional and spiritual support, helping patients and families find peace and solace.
  • Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies
    From wound care to GTube replacement, our hospice care in Simi Valley, California, ensures that every patient’s unique medical needs are met. We ensure that they receive optimal care and comfort.

Entrusting a loved one’s final journey to a hospice caregiver is a significant decision. Our holistic approach ensures that this journey is as comfortable, meaningful, and dignified as possible. Let your loved ones experience the holistic care they deserve with us.

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